Trendy black nail polish designs

Although the black lacquer used to be allowed only by rebellious high school students, today is the proof that in front of you is standing a fashion of awakened woman spirit.
Trendy black nail polish designs

The color

For demolition fashion prejudices, you do not have to have much energy, but you need little courage. Black varnish is what it once was red lacquer, and it was signal for strong and independent woman. So, if someone sees you with black nail polish designs, they do not necessary think that you are an “emo” girl, punk girl or something else.


We choose color of nail varnish toward clothes we wear. Common knowledge is that black color goes with everything, but you pay attention that black nail polish designs don’t combine with brown and violet colors. If your work place has strictly regulated dress code, leave black lacquer on side and use it for outings and leisure. And your nails painted some of bright shade which always gives the impression of elegance. Also, today are modern: dark gray, colors of the oil, dark purple and dark blue varnish. Be careful because dark polishes are easier to peel or at least every mistake is easily noticeable on dark color.


On special occasions black polish can be used to the surface and over you can put tinsel or matt finish. Or maybe you like new trend cracked varnish? It’s about cracking polish which you put on color you choose.
This spring you will wake up vamp beauty in yourself. Be brave and your strength and determination will emphasize with black nail polish.

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