Amazing nail polish trends 2014

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If you want to be trendy in this season, select correct shade of varnishes. Just for you, we have chosen the most attractive trends of manicure for spring and summer 2014. This season reflects simple manicures. Again mode entered monochrome nails in classic shades.

Metallic shades

Copper, gold, silver, bronze… No matter which of these shades you choose, each of them is hit of the season, especially for party moments. Let yourself to imagination, you have to experiment.


If you want to look elegant, it’s not necessary to choose strong shades of nail lacquers and using different techniques of decorating nails. Nails polish trends 2014 call us to remember naturalness and choose neutral milk and beige shades of nail varnishes.

Wine color shades

Rich carmine, maroon and other shades which remind us on wine color will be current in this season, as never before. It will be seen on the clothing, lips and nails. These strong colors will be excellent part of nightly makeup, but also it will fit with light day makeup.

Matt color

Nails polish trends 2014 with matt colors are absolute hit, not just for nails, but for lips. There are some ways how ordinary nail polish can look as matt lacquer. Try with one of these tricks:
When you put nail varnish, hold your hands above steam. Varnish will cease to shine and sparkle
Moisten the cloth and put on almost dried varnish. Lacquer must be almost dried, because if you wet early, polish can be rubbed off. In any case, you first put layer of paint and let dry, and on second layer do this with wet cloth
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