Beautiful Flower Toe Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial

adsense 336x280 Today we will talk about Beautiful Flower Toe Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial. Here you can find inspirations to rock out your toes nails with various flower painting. There is several design that can help you to make varieties of toe nail is super easy to do flower nail art, put dots in different spots, change up your lines.
Flower Toe Nail Art Step by Step

Just do experiment with paint and nails and have fun. In this tutorial I will guide you how to draw beautiful flower on your toe nails. This is really artistic toe nail design that you will like for sure.Now finally I am going to teach you a complete method of flower nail art. It is basic level art which is very easy and simplest .

You can apply this experiment at home .I hope you will not face any kin d of difficulty.Ready your nails Firstly you clean your nails and file them to a required shape and length. Apply base coat on your nails Now we polish our nails with desired light color and then allow to dry completely. Dotting Take a toothpick or dotting tool. Now dip this toothpick or dotting tool to stunning color of polish for the center of flower. With the help of toothpick make a dot in the center of nail. This dot will be considered as center of the flower.

Choose another color of nail polish Make five dots with this color polish around the previous dot.In the center of dot place toothpick and then slide it toward the middle. Repeat this step with all five dots expect center dot.Your flower is ready at this stage.if you want some heavy look then you can make the stem of this flower

Complete the flower Make the stem by drawing a curvy line down the length of nail. Leave it for dry when the flower is being dry then you can apply top coat so it look shinny and smooth.I hope you will enjoy this nail art. Try this attractive design to your toe nails and enjoy. If you have any question about this tutorial than ask me in comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media. adsense 336x280

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