Converse Nail Art Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions

We brings you a complete Tutorial of Converse Nail Art with Step by Step Instructions. This Nail Art tutorial is especially for those girls who want some funky look for their nails. It’s quite tough process but you can do it very easily once you apply on your nails. The most important advice that I am giving you is to clean your nail properly and buffer them if compulsory.

Nail art creativity is one of most important past time of fashion followers in their leisure time. It not only gives them a time pass but also gives a stunning fashion look to their hands. Hands are the part of the body that can beautify your personality if you look after them properly. Nail art possess that quality of looking the hands beautiful. Bright colors nail paints can attract the others towards your hands if you have used the paint properly.

 Black nail art pen and white paint


Toothpick Top coat & Base Coat


Step By Step Instructions of Converse Nail Art Tutorial


To paint your five nails choose five different color of nail paint. And then apply it on your nails. Paint the tip of your nail with white color of nail paint giving it a slightly semi-circle shape

Then take the black pen again for making the black curved line on the white tip. Take black nail pen and mark two lines on the outer length of your nail as shown in following picture. Use the white nail paint or the toothpick dipped in white to draw cross lines it will look like laces on shoe. Lastly apply base coat and let it dry completely.

Try this nail art at home and things which I have used in this nail art are easily available . It is very simple and easy . It gives adorable and stunning look to your nails. Try this funky style for your nail and enjoy. If you are facing any difficulty about this tutorial you can ask me in comments. If you like my work than do share my post with your friends on your social media profiles