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When people say they are going for a manicure, it used to be the case that they were going to have their nails cleaned and polished/varnished at the local beauty salon.  More recently however, nail decoration, over and above different nail polish colors, has involved actual nail art, having glittery gems stuck on your nails and patterns, through to complex drawings and decals stuck on your nails.

This is a fast growing industry right now with everyone looking for more fun nail ideas to make themselves stick out from the crowd.

Cool ideas for nails

It used to be the case that people just used different colors of nail polish but this is no longer the height of cool ideas for nails.  These days, people everywhere are putting crazy and complex designs on their nails from gluing rhinestones onto their nails to interesting nail designs incorporating patters with different nail colours and even pictures painted with nail polish or stuck on with nail decals.

There are a huge number of informational resources including magazines available at your local newsagents to websites with thousands of pictures available as inspiration.Cool nail polish ideasThe concept of great nail art is a lot like dressing up.  You will no doubt go through many different ideas and styles before you find the best one for the particular occasion you are going to.

There is a large number of different nail decals for specific occasions such as Christmas, Halloween etc.  There are of course a number of more subtle cool nail polish ideas that will be durable enough to wear during a normal day, but also beautiful enough to give you that great look.

Fun Nail Ideas

Bright nail colors

fun nail ideas

Although you can visit your local beauty salon and nail technician to have your nails done professionally, many people find it both fun and rewarding to play around with bright nail colors in their own home.

This way, you can try as many different styles and designs as you please for the fraction of a cost.  You can start out with a basic manicure set and a few different shades of nail polish.  From here, you can just get creative and use your imagination.

Nail art supplies

From there, there is a number of different kinds of nail accessories you can get online to help you expand your style catalogue.  There are different nail art pens that allow you give extreme details to your fun nail ideas as well things like rhinestones you can clue on, different glitters you can apply, part decals to be used as a base etc.  Please check out our nail art store for great deals and a wide selection of nail art supplies.  Also check out our gallery for more great inspirational ideas on how you can design your nails to stand out from a crowd. adsense 336x280

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