Simple Nail Designs Fashion & Trends of 2016

adsense 336x280 Here we are discussing simple nail designs that can gives your nails a fabulous looks. Fashion and trends on simple nail art designs continue on changing. If you want to keep yourself aware of growing trends and fashion in the nail art world than you must make yourself aware of recent trends in the industry.

As you know that year 2016 has already started so keep yourself aware of this year’s fashion. Buy some chic nail colors and different kinds of brushes along with extra embellishments as beads, glitter, rhinestones and corals. These will give you chance to decorate your nail with new designs. Here I am going to share new, fashionable and trendy simple nail designs for 2016.

Manicures continue on change during year. Recently there has been entry of new designs in manicure so brace yourself with its trendy designs. Classic French manicure is designs of the year and it is going to rock this year. French design has different ideas as classic simple manicure, reverse French manicure, double lined French manicure and watercolor manicure. Always use nude as basic color for it and raw lines in different color but best suitable is white color.

Simple Metallic Nail designs 2016

simple metallic nail design


Metallic nail art is hot during year 2016. It was popular designs of year 1920s’ and you guys should apply metallic manicure in your formal occasions and evening parties. Their popular colors are gold, bronze, silver and rust. Here are some nice manicure pictures of metallic colors.

Striped Nail Fashion

Striped nail art are easy to design. Just grab some strips and different ail colors as well as nail brush to apply design. These designs not only lasted for previous year but it is going to be nail design of the year 2016. Have a look at different chic designs in pictures below.

Trendy Graphic Nail Designs

trendy graphic nail designs


Graphic nail art designs are going to rock this year. Use single base color in nail and apply different graphic designs with brush. You can add decor in form of glitter, beads, coral etc. This trendy deigns will continue till year 2016.

Nail Color Trends 2016

nail color trends 2016


Marsala, ombre, watercolor and cobalt blue color are the colors that going to stay for the year in fashion industry.These are some great but simple nail art designs ideas. I hope you will love to do these styles because these are very trendy and fashionable designs. If you want to talk about any nail art designs do discuss it in comments with me. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social profiles.
 Simple Nail Designs Fashion & Trends of 2016 adsense 336x280

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